Knowing the needs of your business, who your target audience is and understanding what others in your industry are doing is key to our strategy planning approach.

First, we discover through meetings and research, what your unique position is in the market, then profile your ideal customers, study the competition and determine the best tactics to launch a successful strategy for your website.

Forms & Landing Pages

Every page on your website is a landing page, providing the opportunity to set mini-objectives to meet overall website and business goals.

We create landing pages that capture information from your website visitors with engaging opt-in forms for building email lists. Each landing page visitor and customer is tracked for future retargeting campaigns to increase sales.

Website Design

We design websites with a mindset of creating solutions to problems in your business while efficiently creating experiences for your customers.

Based on what we uncovered during your strategy sessions, we create live wireframes that focus on the priority and layout of your content to ensure each page has a purposeful Call To Action.

After wireframing, you’ll receive Style Tiles – moodboards that represent your brand style on the web. Style Tiles call attention to elements of your website like background images, patterns, buttons, fonts and imagery and we work on these Tiles until we build a style that you’re happy with.

Your website comes to life when the Style Tile you love is applied and modified to the wireframe, including special site features, animations and even video. User testing and data collection methods are put in place before launching your new site to the world.

Website Management

A successful website takes a lot of work to plan, build and launch but also requires ongoing maintenance and updates to its many moving parts. We monitor your website and aim to improve it on a regular basis to keep your website in line with your business goals.

Our website management and support will help you take care of technical aspects like backups, malware scans, platform, plugins and framework updates. We also maintain the front-end of your website with content management, adding and editing page and blog posts, including graphics.

Search Engine Optimization

Your website should always be optimized to attract qualified, targeted leads and customers. We research for the most relevant keywords for on-page and off-page SEO and analyze your competitor’s SEO activities to implement with other tactics that drive traffic to your website.

Every three to nine months, we review the performance of these strategies and the data that was collected to get a better understanding of how visitors are using your site to improve traffic, opt-ins and conversions.