Why Subscribers Unsubscribe


Email marketing is the best source of ROI out there and your Email Marketing Consultant is here to help you with exceptional marketing advice to strengthen your program! What isn’t often discussed is the best way to allow your subscriber to unsubscribe and no longer receive any of your emails. It can be a depressing touchy subject but educating yourself on how to best execute unsubscribes can help your program in the long run. A big factor in successful delivery!

Why would anyone even think of unsubscribing? We are awesome!

Not everyone is the same, so there will be moments of subscribers unsubscribing from your program every time you send out a campaign. But what are the top 3 reasons your subscribers are unsubscribing from you?

  1. Hands down the top response is due to mailing frequency. Sending too much mail can cause a subscriber to unsubscribe if their inbox becomes overwhelmed. This isn’t conjecture, it’s the truth. Several marketing blogs agree with me on the topic such as EmailMonks.
  2. Irrelevant Content. Sending batch and blast emails to all of your subscribers without any targeting can get your subscribers to click the remove button. Make sure you target your subscribers based on behavior and interests, otherwise you can expect a spike in people unsubscribing.
  3. Poor email design. Remember that layout and Call to Action matters! If your email is too long and wordy or the call to action gets lost among the rest of the email subscribers will unsubscribe. Also pay attention to mobile optimization! Almost half of all emails are now opened on mobile devices, so if your email renders awkwardly or can’t be read, you might be at risk of more unsubscribes.

Plug that Sinking Ship! Save women and children first!

If you’ve made it this far I’m assuming you’ve come to terms that some subscribers will leave your marketing program without ever looking back. It is inevitable. However…there are ways to slow that leak down to a trickle if you’re open to the tactics involved!

When your subscribers are in the process of clicking the remove link, offer them a chance to lower their sending frequency. Often, companies that I love receiving emails from begin to bog down my inbox if they send every day. With all the other email newsletters I am signed up for and friend/relative emails, my impatience can come out and want me to unsubscribe from them. Offering me a chance to lower the amount of mail you will send me will almost always keep me from unsubscribing. Arrange your data into Lists that your subscribers can opt into based on the frequency of mailings to your subscribers.

Prevention: Best Unsubscribe Practices

  • Make sure your unsubscribe option is clear and concise. Hyperlink all verbiage in the footer to be equal. In other words, don’t deceive your subscribers by shrouding the remove link. It will encourage them to hit the Spam button instead. (Some spam filters can pick up on this deceptive tactic, too.)
  • Confirm their removal immediately. Some remove links inform the subscriber it can take up to 2 weeks for them to be removed.
  • Every email sent out needs to include a clear removal link except transactional mail. An example of transactional mail is a lost password or an order confirmation email.
  • Include an active reply-to address in case someone has trouble with the remove link. Their message will be received and you can manually remove them from your program. We all have an older aunt or uncle who simply hits reply instead of clicking the remove link.
  • Measure your subscribe rate to your unsubscribe rate to ensure steps taken have successfully improved.

Sit down and discuss your marketing program with those heavily involved to get your program on the right track. You can strengthen your program in other areas by revisiting your dusty old list, using re-engagement tactics to get rid of the crusties and finally…targeting your database by paying attention to your subscriber’s behaviors!

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