It’s more than just the blog. The blog is half the work, the strategy and tactics on marketing your blog is equally the other important half. After you have carefully crafted and written your blog, what are ways to market it ultimately for routing traffic back to your website? What are the demands for the success of your blog after you have started? Let’s divulge several key aspects of creating and maintaining a successful blog.

Consistency. The only way to continuously build a following for your blog and gain more foot traffic is to be consistent. If you plan to publish blogs once a week, then commit to publishing blogs once a week. Don’t let the momentum die down! Create a backlog of blog posts that you can have on hand to publish if you aren’t able to when the time comes. Write about marketing topics that are always relevant or mainstay discussions that you can keep in your arsenal. Make sure to create a blog content calendar to plan out your topics and due dates. A great idea is to include different types of blogs with different calls of engagement. Publish blogs that include research numbers and case studies, show them the success or downfall of a marketing strategy. Publish blogs that include links to other blog discussions, becoming engaged in the digital conversation. Publish your opinion on a marketing topic, even if it goes against the grain.

Original Content. Publishing a blog on your website is your original content, meaning you own that content. No one can ever take that away from you! It can be promoted through other channels like social media as a way to get traffic back to your blog, but the blog is your home base.

It would be a sin to leave out the SEO potential that derives from publishing your own content. Every time you publish a blog, SEO will make your site visible to those searching for content related to your blog. I publish our blog using WordPress which enables me to include SEO words to the right of the entry before publishing to make sure our blog comes up in search engines. I can sometimes get crazy, but the results are worth the time.

Your Voice. Take a stance on a topic, disagree with the norm or the common thought. This will get your blog to stand out and be noticed. Create a voice and opinion within your blogs to set them apart. Come up with an original idea or outcome on a stance that is yours to keep and publish it. Back in grad school, I took a one-off research essay class which taught me so much. The professor always touted that our job as writers was to come up with a new discovery and viewpoint based on other relevant information available. We were botanists doing research; and based on all available research pertaining to a particular plant species, we discover a reason behind a mysterious behavior or discover a new subspecies. This metaphor now lurks in the back of my thoughts and always presents itself when researching information on anything in life.

Header Blog Graphics. It’s a requirement. Not only does it show readers your design service abilities to potential clients, it pulls in your readers and will render as the thumbnail image for the blog post when sharing on social media channels. Using graphics and charts to depict any marketing research you have completed will also help display your results.

Referencing your services. This is a topic I feel adverse to. There are a lot of marketing bloggers out there advising that it is beneficial to market your services or products within the blog you are writing about. E.g. Discussing the benefits of vitamin D and ohhhh look! We happen to sell these organic gluten free Vitamin D pills. Click on the link below and get free shipping.

Okay, that may be a little dramatic. My point is, your blog should only offer information without the need to try to make a sale out of it. Become knowledgeable in your niche. Share the information. Share other reputable links to information about the same topic for the sake of educating. Over time, it will create a sense of trust within your community and potential customers will begin turning to your website for information first. This far outweighs linking to services/products in your blog posts. The valuable information, done consistently, will bring traffic to your doorstep and do the sale all its own.

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